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FOX Business
Feb 25, 2014 10:00pm EST
network. bill clinton testing his clout ahead of midterms in 2016, hitting campaign trail in kentucky for mcconnell challenger allison lunde green grimes, joining us now. ed rollins. >> my pleasure. lou: bubba on the campaign trail in kentucky going after the minority leader mitch mcconnell. but history said, mcconnell does wel when bubba comes to town. >> no one votesor an endoement they vote for the candidate, mcconnell has bn majority leader f a long time, minority leader for a long time, he has produced f kentucky he is a tough person. i can't tell you one personhat he elected and he was very popular, it is just been 18 years since clinton been on a ballot,e couldo i he could raise money but he is not going to make anyone vote for a candidate if they don't want to. lou: grimes was circumstance spec about presidentbama saying she di did not need a serogate coming down, she could speak for herself, another place with the president is an uncongress political force. >> theresident cannot do much for his candidates this time. he has to be on ballot whether or not he wants to because ob
FOX Business
Feb 28, 2014 6:00pm EST
everything scripted like a coronation for hillary clinton. no competition. it's crazy. >> what do you think of hillary clinton would you back or fed up with the two-party system. we don't need another eight years with the clintons. we need fresh voices, focused on results. >> including someone open to raising can taxes. cutting taxes. what would ralph want to see? >> all opinions in the arena. let them compete. nothing off the table. i put 18 areas on people's minds that were taken off the table in 2008. and i still have them on the website. these are issues on people's minds. they were taken off the table -- >> you're dead right about that. both parties drop the ball on the big issue. let me ask you about what i hear from business guys on left and the right about why they don't try politics. they said it is not worth the media scrutiny or tearing down -- you experience that for yourself running for president. in the public spotlight. you are doing what you do. i can understand why the hell with it. >> most of them will. michael could buy the white house. it's smaller than his house. >> tha
FOX Business
Mar 3, 2014 6:00pm EST
. that is the first thing that ralph nader ever said that i agree with. one more and jim clinton takes credit for surplus. he people forget it was the republicans who control the house and the senate. basically i like alternators idea. >> yes, we have been talking about this. so what about political monopolies, we have the same politicians who have taxes for funding, time and again come back into office. we have talked about this since the nixon administration. they have been around since the reagan and the nation. so why is there a political monopoly and where is the third independent party voice. we don't have that yet in the united states and it's costing us. >> what why do they all have to be politicians? what is wrong with going out out of that one. neil: in the meantime, finally a crazy tweet from one of our followers. my older sister regina told me when i was little, i was six or seven years old, and they punched a 12-year-old in the days and he was booing her. >> yes, i read tweet. i had no idea i did this. it was on my stuff, it had been bullying her and pulling her hair for quite so
FOX Business
Mar 5, 2014 6:00pm EST
at least you are not what we said. >> i remember hillary clinton talked about sniper fire. >> are these recording instruments? >> this rob the faint of a bite to call the '80s and gatt ronald reagan back. but it shows mitt romney but have made a good president who was the biggest -- the best candidate but shown compared to the weak leadership obama me but have been better off. the republican field is so wide open and that the theme is that you just showed better so empirically wrong. >> that essentially in the same mind of the soviet republic of georgia had the same assurances and later doing his own thing. >> did you talk to bush people today. >> there is one big point we stop them because the bush and the military access and he brought back from iraq the georgia military so we did stop them but the issue is for the president's jobs to go to the eastern ukraine i hope he can and will do that. >> to have no intention of backing down but the russian market on paper says he is not a rich man but he sees that melts away what do you make of that? >> with the oligarchs. they fe
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)